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Fantasy Soccer App Development Cost & Features

Fantasy Soccer App Development Cost & Features

A fantasy soccer app is a platform where users can take part in online football contests. Just like any other fantasy sports game app, they can build their own team with 11 players, participate in any league of their choice, and gamble their money as per the chosen match.

The selected team players have a high probability to perform in the actual match. These players are individually assigned points according to their performance in the real field. In the end, the users whose team plays well with a good score earn more money.

The craze for fantasy football games is clearly visible from the stats. There is a growth of 13.9% CAGR forecasted for the period 2021 to 2027, with an estimation of $48.6 billion market revenue by 2027. The number of global users is expected to exceed 150 million by 2022.

Let us now understand the cost & features of fantasy soccer app development.


To ensure the app’s competitiveness in the market, it is important to incorporate features that give a delightful experience to not only users but admins too. To build the finest fantasy soccer app consider the following user’s as well as admin’s features:


There are very exciting features that develop the bond between the app and users;

  • Register / Sign-In: This feature allows new users to sign-up on the app with an email address, name, contact number, and other details and then smoothly sign in to the app.
  • Leader Boards: Users can conveniently make a team of their choice by analyzing the potential of players through a dedicated leaderboard.
  • Profile: Users can create their profile on the app and even edit it by adding a display picture, setting a username, adding more details, etc.
  • Player Info: Users can get all relevant details of players on this tab.
  • Home Screen: This will be the first screen users are going to see in this app. Make sure that it is catchy ad appealing. All the list of the occurring and upcoming matches is displayed here for the users to decide.
  • Join League: The users can enter any private or international league with this feature and also analyze the team performance.
  • Create Team: The users can select the 11 players of their preference from any team and build their personal team.
  • Live Score Board: This feature lets the user stick to the app by showing the live scores of the fantasy football game.
  • Real-Time Analytics: This is an important attribute to supervise their scored points, ranking, and other stats as the match proceeds.
  • Reward Points: Rewards will only motivate the users to take part in the game. Users can collect reward points and buy other special abilities in the app.
  • E-Wallet: This feature helps the user to buy reward points to transfer their credits to a bank account and get in-app stuff. This makes the transactions very structured.
  • Create League: To engage users, this feature allows them to build a league of their own for a match. They can determine the number of participants, joining fees, and other instructions.
  • Referral: This feature allows users to share this app with their friends to invite them. Further, this also offers certain bonuses & privileges.


Admin also enjoys certain privileges in the app to manage the backend functioning and data.

  • Unified Dashboard: With this dedicated dashboard, Admin can access everything from current and future matches, teams, scoreboard, active users, leagues, push notifications, etc.
  • Total Revenue: The admin can look at all earnings at once to figure out the activities occurring on the app.
  • Support Channel: With this CRM (Customer Relationship Management) feature on the app, the admin can handle reviews, queries, emails, and tickets of users. You can offer support to users with this feature and generate trust among them.
  • Real-Time Activities: This feature provides surveillance power to the admin. Hence, they can keep a check on wholesale activities and get behaviour patterns of users.
  • Content Management System: With this feature, all the visible content on the app can be handled by efficient and smart CMS.
  • Manage Bank Transactions: The admin can monitor the bank transactions made by the user on the facets soccer app. Thereby, the admin has the right to refuse and accept any bank transactions with the app.
  • Manage Leagues: Admin can build and handle both private and public leagues. With full administrative control, they can check any activity in this league.
  • Revenue Management: This app helps in making revenue and earning profits. Admins can monitor the backend report highlighting the earning insights and reports on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.
  • Reward Point Management: This feature enables the admin to allocate different reward points to different match activities. Also, determining the distribution of rewards also covers here.


The cost of fantasy soccer app development depends upon a number of factors including frequency of leagues added, technologies used, the complexity of the app, integrated features, development platforms (Web, Android, iOS), location, and expertise of the app development company, etc.

To illustrate, the app development cost for the Android platform is comparatively lower than the iOS platform. But it may cost more if you want compatibility on both. Similarly, if you prefer the US or European developers then they may charge around $100 to $250 per hour. Rather the Indian developers charge around $60 to $180 per hour.

However, there are chances that the cost is high if you are working with a prestigious app development company. Although, there will be a surety to get the best application with the finest functionalities to perform amongst the mass audience.

After considering all the factors, the average cost of the fantasy football app development would range from around $35K to $50K. The price may increase or decrease as per the client’s requirements for additional features.



To sum up, the above passage highlights the development of a fantasy soccer app. Here, all the details of key features; both for user and admin are elaborated. This proves to be the most promising app in the upcoming times as per the stats.

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