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How To Develop A Video Conferencing App Like Zoom & Webex?

Video Conferencing App Like Zoom & Webex

With the pandemic hitting the world, the population is asked to maintain social distancing with each other by the regulatory authorities. This has led most businesses to work from home. To ensure the seamless functioning of the organizations, the majority of the people rely on video conference calls.

In 2020, many video conferencing applications like Zoom Cloud Meetings, Houseparty, Hangouts, Microsoft Teams, etc. have offered online platforms to conduct group meetings. As per a report by TechCrunch, around 62 million such apps have been downloaded in just a week in March 2020. These were both for business as well as personal purposes. This clearly explains the growing demand for such video chat applications in the market.

Some of the major reasons to develop a web conferencing app are as follow;

  • There is enough scope to built and flourish in this industry.
  • It is anticipated that the value of the video chat apps’ industry will exceed $50 billion by the year 2026.
  • After the outbreak of Covid-19, video chat apps are becoming highly popular.
  • Such apps help in making the team across the globe.
  • These apps are not only engaging but also cost-effective.

Let us discuss the procedure of building apps like Zoom.


While remodeling the idea of a web conference call app, a thorough market study must be conducted. Since the mobile app industry is dynamically changing with new trends, a robust competitor analysis must be done.

With this in mind, the below questions should be answered:

  • Who is the target user? What is the best path to access them?
  • What is the global industry outlook?
  • Identify the competitors, their plans, and product weaknesses.
  • Understanding the customers’ expectations, needs, and behavior patterns.
  • How to make money from video conferencing apps?


The next step is to get the essence of your product. After scanning the profiles of both your potential clients as well as the peer groups, the in-depth profile of the application must be mapped out.

Below things that should be taken care of:

  • The primary and additional features to make the app unique.
  • Recognizing the issues faced by users and giving appropriate solutions.
  • Working on the subscription and payment integration options whether they should be free, annual, or monthly membership.


No matter how useful and feature-rich the app is, if it is not alluring to the users then it can be a failure. For this, it is necessary to work on the interface to have a distinctive UI/UX design by considering the following:

  • The onboarding interface and registration screen.
  • The logo and color of the app. For targeting millennials, try using bright colors.
  • The menu tab and other attributes’ buttons.
  • For business purposes, use soothing and subtle colors.
  • The design should be simple and easy-to-use just like the Zoom app.


For any app development process, the back-end work is the backbone including web servers, database, and app servers. This helps in including various functionalities in the application.

To attain this scalability, a professional team of IT experts is required consisting of freelance workers, outsourcing, or traditional in-house. Below positions are needed:

  • Backend Developers: They use various tech stacks to match your requirements.
  • Mobile Developers: Android coders and iOS developers are a big help.
  • Project Manager: To manage the team, deadlines, and overall project stream.
  • Chief Technical Officer: For handling all the technical matters.
  • QA specialists & UI/UX Designers: To work on making a convenient interface.


To launch a single-channel app, there are abundant options to choose from such as Java & Kotlin for Android app development while Swift and Objective-C for iOS app development.

Nevertheless, if you want to present an application for cross-platforms then you may go for React Native and Flutter. Take assistance from a capable app development agency if you can’t select this.


To develop a video chat app like Zoom, the following features are necessary to include in it;

  • User Profile: Allow users to create a structured profile and edit it when required.
  • App Onboarding: A simple authorization process attracts the users. It can be done either manually or with social media.
  • Voice & Video Calls: This requires a publisher-subscription pattern derived from a technology called WebRTC. Ensure the app has sound HD video & audio quality
  • End-to-End Encryption: This helps in maintaining privacy between the sender and receiver.
  • Text Chat: Collaborate with third-party tools like Twilio or Firebase to make a video chat app.
  • Group Calls: Streamlining group calls by restricting the number of participants in them.
  • Screen Sharing: To showcase the screen of one user with another. Mainly helpful in streaming games, online tutorials, or watching movies together.
  • Push Notifications: Auto-update users with any new alerts or messages.
  • NoiseBlock: The unnecessary noises like paper shuffling, keyboard typing, etc. can be avoided.
  • Virtual Background: To display a background amid a meeting.
  • In-App Purchases: Get the same app monetization strategies and paid features like Zoom.
  • Emojis & Stickers: Get customized stickers & emojis to attract the users to the app.


There are numerous factors responsible for allocating the cost of developing a video chat app as listed below;

  • App features
  • Location of the app development
  • The number of hours required for developing an app
  • Complexity of the app
  • The size of the app development team
  • The platform used for app development

The cost depends upon the kind of customized solution you aspire to have. For building a video conferencing app like Zoom, where the development team works on everything from start till end, this may charge you up to $50000 or more, depending on the features and services you choose.

Go for an app development firm that has a professional team to develop amazing and highly scalable applications for clients.


Testing and Debugging are essentially required for the video chat app development procedure. Many a time, the application depicts bugs during usage. Thereby, maintaining the platform is as important as other stages.

Further, every existing mobile application provides constant updates comprising of extra attributes, more reasonable and convenient membership plans, referral programs, and a chance to install the app on devices that were not present earlier.

Therefore, before launching the web conferencing app in the market, it is a must to test the app wisely to remove any scope of bugs and errors in it.


In times of global emergencies, video chat apps are both needs for business and individual use. Zoom is a leading app in this market. However, this has only given rise to developing further such apps. The above procedure will assist you in planning your video conference app.

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