Tips: One time Customer to Life Long Customers

Tips: One time Customer to Life Long Customers

It’s quite easy to sell one time a customer. But, It’s difficult to sell him constantly.

Brands use lots of tactics to sell more and more to their existing or holiday customers to increase their eCommerce sales.

If, You also want to grow your revenue by selling more to your existing or holiday customers.

So keep reading this article……..

I found many people. They are just trying to sell anything to their customers. Sales don’t work like that.

You have to understand your customer’s needs and problems.

Don’t decide himself. They will buy it from you.

First of all, understand One thing. That is,

Your Product And Customer Need

Customer Need and Your Product Combination should be relevant. If you want to make more sales.

First, find the problem or need of customers. After that, Start making your product or service.

If, You have already made the product. Then start looking for your targeted audience.

Don’t try to sell every product to every customer.

Understand your product and your customer need and then pitch the product.

Customers also get frustrated. When you try to do too much overselling them.

Give them Value or Solution of their problem through your products or services.

They will come to you to buy your product.

Now, let’s see, How can you sell your products to your existing or holiday customers?

Make Email List

You want to sell more to your existing customers. But how?

Do you have their contact number or email I’d? If not.

Then, Start capturing their email address. This going to be helpful in the future.

By sending emails, you can inform them. You have a special offer, products, discounts, etc.

Just don’t start open your shop in email.

Engage with your email subscribers. Send them customers stories, entertaining Content, Educational Content.

Send them ‘Welcome’ email and then start slowly engaging with them.

Loyalty Programs

Many big brands are already using this strategy to make their first time customer into a lifetime customer.

This tactic makes customers greedy to buy products from you.

Because now, they can earn rewards from you and maybe others are not providing this.

Connect On Social Media

Nowadays, Social media is the success key of many brands.

I found lots of brands are driving very engaged customers to their landing page by using their social media handles.

Social media helps you take more direct feedback from your customers.

You can use social media to communicate with your audience.

When the audience finds. You are connecting with them. It helps you to build trust and loyalty with your audience.

Enhance Customer Experience

You have attracted the audience to your website or landing page anyhow.

It’s not enough to create them into customers. And when they are your first-time audience it’s quite more difficult.

You have to give them an amazing user experience which they are expecting from you and if you can provide them more than their expectations.

Then, it will not only make him your customer. Also, he is going to bring you more customers.

Because You have given him which he is not expected or maybe your competitors are not giving that kind of amazing experience.

When it comes to enhancing user experience. Lots of things come out there.

Like – UI/UX, Website Speed, Customer Support, Technology Integration, Security Level, Service speed and much more.

Best Marketing Needed

You have created an amazing product. Which fulfills customers’ needs. That’s amazing!

But, You should also have the proper knowledge, How to market it to the customers.

If, You don’t have the marketing strategy of your product or service.

Then, Forget. Come himself to buy your product.

Marketing is the key to selling very low price product into High price.

But the condition is, You should know about it how to market your products.

You can hire marketing experts or You can also learn it himself (Best Choice).

Retargeting in eCommerce

This comes under marketing. But I’m telling it to you separately.

Because it’s amazing!

By doing retargeting. You can target those customers. Who has already one time purchased from you?

Like – By using Facebook Pixels. You can retarget that audience who have visited one time on your website or landing page.

By using retargeting, You can show them special offers, Coupons, Discounts, etc. and increase your eCommerce sales.

Run Content or Quiz

Think! If you get the chance to play and win something special from your favorite brands.

Sounds Great!

You can also do it for your audience.

Run Quiz or Contest and invite them to join by sending an email, Retargeting, Using Social Media.

By doing a contest or quiz. You can more engage with them and ask them to create User-generated Content about your brand.

This will ultimately help you to grow your brand.


Repeating customers are best to grow your revenue in the long term in your eCommerce business. You just have to find out creative ideas to bring to your landing page. Never forget! Good user experience is very important to convert them into a customer.

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