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Key benefits of Outsourcing Mobile App Development

In the fast-moving age of technology, we often forget that desktop-like applications couldn’t work on a mobile device just a couple of years ago. The existence of mobile Applications is a young scene, and so is its development history.  The moment smartphones hit the market, Mobile Applications have become an integral part of the operating systems.

Mobile application development is the process of writing code for software that gets developed for smart devices. While the resources available to start a development process are plenty, the task of actually creating an application is complicated. In this blog, we dive into the difference between creating mobile applications by yourself vs outsourcing them and what benefits come from outsourcing the development process.

In-House VS Outsourcing

Outsourcing now gets considered to be a global and omnipresent phenomenon. Several companies now outsource their projects to other companies that specialize in them. A lot of factors go into making such a decision. Some of those factors include strict deadlines, higher talent-hiring costs, lack of specific skills, and others.

While on the other hand, In-House software development is when a company hires a bunch of experienced professionals to work on their project. Usually, companies assign dedicated engineers working on a particular development project throughout the process when dealing with in-house development. With that covered, let us discuss the key benefits of outsourcing your next Mobile App-Development process.

Key Benefits

Below are some of the key benefits of outsourcing an App-Development process:

Developer Expertise: The expansion of IT companies often leads to a rise in ambitious and demanding projects. That is why they hire the best talent that they can to handle the development. By outsourcing the app to such agencies, you assure yourself that a group of the best talent is handling your development process.

Cost-Saving: Outsourcing the application’s development becomes a cost-effective option when you consider a multitude of reasons. One of those primary reasons for the cost-saving factor is that the business would not have to pay for an entire in-house development team.  That will leave enough financial resources for maintenance and other forms of expansion. Instead, the team of experts at the outsourced company can handle the project without a need to add extra fees to the company’s budget.

Time-Saving: One of the most crucial aspects of app development is time efficiency.  A lot of startups and companies opt to outsource their projects to have them developed more quickly and cheaply. The less time you spend on the app development process, the faster the application gets deployed in the market.

Attention To Details: A lot of work goes into mobile app development.  And the factors involved in the process is ever-growing. Due to this, it is crucial to note that a lot of those factors can be overlooked by an inexperienced development team. With a dedicated and experienced outsourced team, a company can feel ensured that their project’s details are given as much attention as it deserves.

Risk Factor: The process behind every new project can be unpredictable. The development team often requires scaling itself up or down depending on how an app development process progresses. That brings in quite a significant risk factor in terms of employment. It is something that can get solved by outsourcing the project partially or entirely.

Productivity Factor: The hired resources are liable to provide the product/app and deliver it within the agreed time frame. That takes away the stressful dynamics of project management from the company. All that the business will need to do is micromanage or supervise the hired company in a clear context of the project. Other than that, they would have to oversee some general project meetings or ensure that the timelines get met by the hired company.

Business Practices: Specific outsourcing companies incorporate and implement some of the best development practices to keep up with the market.  It is one of the most significant advantages of outsourcing the mobile app development process. The result of that is that products get developed as per the highest industry standards. The team of developers streamlines their communication and tasks in ways that the flow of information is continuous and without any halt or interruption.

Business Analytics: With a seasoned team of experts employed, the company doesn’t just have a chance of capturing customer data but also analyzing it. The current market requires developers to not just create applications but harvest data and analyze it too. With an application’s development outsourced, one may be able to voice their concerns to the hired team. That would help in employing analytics and gather crucial customer feedback.

Maintenance: The job usually does not end once an app gets developed completely. Mobile applications need continuous updates and maintenance to keep up with the competitive market. The advantage of outsourcing your application is that the hired team will continue with support and updates to keep the app running, even after an initial launch.

Multiple Resources Available: The companies that projects get outsourced to employ some of the best full-time experts to their team. These teams often include developers for Android, Java, Kotlin, Swift, iOS, and much more. Outsourcing a project to such a company can create a long-term business relationship with the company, and can help provide value to you for an indefinite amount of time.


The blog lays out a number of reasons why a company might opt to outsource its project. Ultimately, it is on the company if they want to develop their application by themselves or outsource it to another company. But as we saw, the outsourcing option has a number of benefits to it that outmatch any benefits that exist for in-house development.

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