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Why Voice Search Optimization Is Important For SEO?

Why Voice Search Optimization Is Important For SEO?

Voice Search Optimization is basically the process of streamlining the web pages to pop up in the voice search results. This involves optimizing the manner in which people do their verbal searches. With good voice search optimization, there are chances that your page gets read out loud by a voice search device. 

Voice searches are becoming a more familiar aspect of our routine life. If you are cooking a new cuisine in the kitchen and forget the recipe midway, then you can directly make a voice search without using your dirty hands. In fact, the voice assistant can read out the recipe for you and you may cook happily. This is one of the many instances we encounter in our daily life where voice search seems to be working. 

For any sort of business, voice search optimization is very important. Even the stats say so;

  • The local businesses are discovered from voice searches by more than 55% of people looking for nearby shops.
  • The revenue generated from voice search results is more than $2 billion. Voice search optimization can definitely get you more business leads.
  • Every month the frequency of voice searches exceeds $1 billion. People use smart devices to look for various products, services, information, etc. 
  • By 2021, the digital commerce revenue generated for brands indulged in voice searches can rise up to 30%. It has great potential and can give speedier results than SEO.
  • In 2020, voice searches accounted for 50% of the total searches. This is only set to grow in the future as people have more voice devices. 


The major reasons for voice search becoming the talk of the town are:

1. More Appropriate & Convenient

In current times, no one likes to waste time typing questions as time is money. When the answer is only a verbal sentence away, people go for the feasible mode. Undoubtedly, users will prefer speaking a query rather than typing the same for instances like ‘which is the highest mountain peak in the world?’.

People like voice commands because they are fast, accurate, customized, do not need typing, and can even read back answers to you.

2. Faster & Easier

It is but obvious and clear by now that voice search is way too faster than the conventional modes of conducting a search for any query. This is in fact the topmost reason for people inclining towards this trend.

Prominent grounds for easy adaptation to voice search are;

  • It is quicker than going through a website or an app.
  • It is more enjoyable than other search techniques.
  • It is an accurate method for searching.
  • Multi-tasking is possible with voice search.
  • One gets quicker answers to their search queries.

3. Mobile Friendly

Since smartphones are becoming the basic necessity of the masses today, voice search is certainly becoming so viral and popular among them. After smart speakers and search assistants, smartphones are the most used devices for voice search.

According to BrightLocal, around 56% of the total voice searches are indeed made from mobile phones. Mobile is the key to the search industry and searches from mobile phones exceed the searches from other devices. 


After understanding the importance of voice search in SEO, it is essential to know different ways to conduct Voice Search Optimization. Some of them are listed below:

1. Local Listing Searches

Most of these voice searches are comprised of the question ‘near me’;

  • Either they are looking for a hotel to stay, a spot to visit or a restaurant to eat on the go.
  • Apart from areas, people also look out for time and other things as well.
  • Many of these searches are prevalent in public places like restrooms, theaters, restaurants, etc. 

2. Keyword Research

Below points must be taken care of while getting the keywords ready for voice searches:

  • Long-tail keywords that conclude a question should be optimized.
  • Filler words like ‘I, of the, to, the, on the, for’, etc. should be added to make the conversation more insane.
  • Question keywords with words like ‘why, when, how, who’ etc. make the conversation more human and conversational.

3. Optimize Loading Time Of Website

Website loading speed is directly proportional to the bounce rates and thereby must be optimized at any cost. Google has even launched its Speed Update, which focuses on optimizing website load time. Sine voice searchers’ primary aim is only to get quick results, if your site fails to deliver so then it can be abandoned by them.

4. Mobile Optimization

Voice searches are mainly run on smartphones or mobile apps to make a direct query to the website. Hence, it must be ensured that your website is mobile-responsive to give the required results to mobile users making voice searches. The mobile version of the website makes browsing easier.

5. Conversational Content

The main characteristic of a voice search query is that it should be in a conversational format. The more robotic the language is, the fewer the chances are to find apt voice search results. 

Thus, natural language is the best way to write and publish the content. For this, you need to study and understand the user’s intent as well as the verbal query style. 


Voice search is the most trending and growing concept that can be seen implemented everywhere by everyone. Sooner or later, one needs to transform their website and SEO content as per the voice search queries to reap maximum benefits from SEO. The above passage not only highlights the importance of Voice search optimization but also the strategies to enhance it.

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