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How to Rank Your Mobile App and Increase Visibility?

How to Rank Mobile App and Increase Visibility

It is but obvious that the apps marked as popular in the Android or Apple Store are due to the high-quality ratings and number of downloads they have received. However, their profile page and directories are also considered as web pages. And these web pages give them the opportunity to rank higher in Google’s organic search results. Just like the app store, search engines also rank, display and index the pages of apps which is the reason why apps get popular through Google visibility. The higher the visibility, the number of downloads it receives. And the increase in download yields more visibility or popularity in the app store.

This may sound quite interesting to the app development companies who have some good mobile apps launched but they haven’t been listed in the popular category. More so often it is due to the SEO practices. Mobile apps must be optimized for getting organic search results because it contributes toward its popularity as discussed above. So these are some SEO tips to help you optimize an app for getting more visibility through Google:

1. Featuring Brand Name in the link is vital:

Put your brand name in the anchor text link so as to make it visible in the Android or Apple store. By writing the brand name in the links, you allow websites to link to your app profile page. Say, for example, Amazon and eBay ensure that you enter your brand name in the URL of the download page as well.

2. Link from your Website:

It is necessary that your website homepage or the footer shows a link directing towards your app with features, reviews, and screenshots available. A lot of companies fail to implement this. But this is vital for increasing your app’s visibility. This way whenever a user opens your business website, it indicates that your business has an app and thus it will receive organic Google Search results.

3. Include Brand Name in the Link Text directing to your app:

A lot of app development companies make this mistake. They do not include their brand name in the links directing to their apps. So, a user might read something like this: ‘Download the Android App’ or ‘Download the Apple App’. There is nothing wrong with this. However, what goes unnoticed is the fact that this is a great chance to promote your brand name by adding a name in the link text. This will look like, ‘Get the Facebook app for Android’ or ‘Download Facebook iPhone app’.

4. Create a QR link:

Create QR codes for your website so as to trigger your mobile app download to the users for a quick access to it. As soon as they visit the website using a right device, the QR is scanned and triggered. Also, make sure to optimize the links as the URL pages of Android and Apple exceeding 40 characters produces high-density QR codes. These high-density QRs cannot be scanned.

5. Promote your mobile app to Bots and Mobile Users:

You can always promote your apps to the mobile users. Here is how to do it. Once you have a website for mobile users, it is easy for you to drive that traffic towards your app because mobile device users are generally waiting to find a relevant app. So, make sure to include an app link in the footer or anywhere on the homepage that directs them to their respective mobile app download page (Android or Apple).

Since bots are becoming popular these days, it is a great opportunity to leverage that advantage of boosting SEO tactics. For example, Googlebot is capable of crawling through the app links from your mobile pages using anchor text.


Businesses having a strong link network, traffic, popularity on social media and powerful content can easily use the above-mentioned tactics to improve the SEO which helps them in ranking their apps higher.

Tell us what you think about these tricks in the comment section. Also, mention thoughts on any other tips that you know or the tricks that helped you in ranking your app higher and increase its visibility.

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