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Music Streaming Mobile App:The Development Guidelines

Music App Development

Is there anyone’s existence in the world who don’t listen to any kind of music at all? Probably no one. Anyone has their own choice for the music, it can be different but it can’t be possible that you don’t hear music at all. Music chills your mood, freshens up and relaxes you. It’s probably the situation where everybody has the choice of music and can hear it on continues repeat.

If you analyze this shift from the software app developer’s point of view then you would notice, music app development is an incredibly promising area of activity. This can provide a great opportunity with the popularity and profit.

Music app development is categorized into five different types,

  • Track Recognition Apps
  • Player Apps
  • Downloading Apps
  • Tune Creation Apps
  • Online Streaming Apps

With this article, I am sure you will have a clear vision for the latter type, i.e. the Online streaming apps.

Key Points for the Music Streaming App Development

Before diving into the process of music app development, let’s start with the introduction of attributes characterized for the same.

1. Profile Orientation and Personalization Capabilities

The huge number of modern applications are profile oriented. So in particular, the users can create their profiles as a part of operations which indicates some information about them. This application format is popular for the fact that almost everyone wants to demonstrate their uniqueness to others by indicating the tastes of the user. To continue this further, several developers provide functionality allowing to customize the user’s personal cabinet.

2. Download and Storage Capability

Remember, the media app which is unable to provide the facilities for the downloading and the storing media, it loses its success path. The users who don’t find the option to download so as to ease the task when no internet connections, they are likely to switch over to the different app better than yours. At least it will provide the downloading options. And for the storage facility, the app needs to provide at least two methods – saving on the server and on a personal device.

3. Capability to Integrate with Social Media

The most exciting feature, the users will have fun with. Whenever the user will find a cool track, he would probably want to share it with the friends. And so the Social media integration is way much more important for the music mobile app development.

The easier way to make this happen is through the social network account. Hence, while creating the music streaming app, it is important that you think about the ways to integrate with the known social networks.

4. Communication Between Users

Remembering the first point – profile orientation and personalization capabilities. The capability of allowing the user to add the comments makes the better-personalized experience more than ever. Moreover, the ability to look at friends’ interests is another step in the right directions. In Addition, your app can have forums of topics like music trends, events, and artists.

5. Unique Features

Music is the highly popular topic in the mobile app development where even the created application that is completely novel in its functionality. You are still likely to attract a  huge number of audience. However, I suggest you go ahead in the app development with at least one unique functionality which can be served as an example in the long term run.

6. Music Search

The easiest way to enlarge the community of users is to maximize the activity of those that exist.  This can be done with a simple step i.e. by proposing the similar tracks as previously played by the users.

7. Design Style

Design is one of the most fundamental aspects that directly impact on the popularity of the app. To get a truly fashionable and downloadable software product, the app designers need to develop a modern interface. The modern interface should be according to the principles of Material design and the set of rules for the Android platform.

Four Steps For Music App Development On Android Platform

After the key attributes for the music streaming app, let’s just not wait to discover the four steps that every developer should keep in mind along with the mobile app development process.

1. Choosing Data Storage Methods

While developing the music streaming app, what you need to consider is the options for storing downloaded tunes. Mostly the cloud storage and local caching are used for smartphone apps. However, you can apply a bit of trick in your app through attaching the user’s profile to the corresponding pages in the social networks. This can get you the benefits for the attached depositories.

2. Creating the Features to Ensure the Viability of Product

From the above summary, the argument can be on the features to include like user profile based registration,multi-criteria search, downloading and caching the media, offline playback, and social shares.

3. Music License

Legislative implications are somewhat complicated issues. The main aim to have a music streaming app is the ability to listen to the tracks favorited by the other users. No charges to be paid, this should be within the laws and online. However, if you plan to develop the capability to download the track in the app, you will definitely have to worry about the legitimating the library within the app.

4. Choosing the Monetization Method

Lastly developing any type and kind of app has the ultimate goal of earning the money. And so, one of the important part while mobile app development is to choose the correct monetizing method. Whatever method you select, remember not to be greedy. The paid application which additionally implies the advertisement can be a source to discourage the users. Even if your app has unique functionalities and no rivalries yet, sooner or later, the competition will arise. Even this type of subtleties with a lesser amount of ads might be a reason enough to shift to the other better apps.

Cost of Music App Development: While development Stages

Regardless of complexity, mobile app development has many individual stages. So let’s move ahead to discuss the cost you can estimate for your music streaming app.

  1. Engineering Stage: The engineering stage includes everything that helps the developer to get a clear vision of the app for the future software implementation (includes the choice for the suitable tools: Framework, SDK, Libraries). Specifically, it takes less than 80 hours.
  2. Coding: Obviously, to write the code is the most time-consuming tasks for any mobile app development and the same goes with the music streaming app. According to the practices taking place, even the most simple and standard set of trivial designs takes at least 720 hours.
  3. Testing: However, your app will be one of the great apps for users to use daily. And so you definitely need to spend time on the testing stage before launching it out. According to the real feedback and the comments, you can release a more advanced app for user satisfaction. The beta testing price totally depends on the price you offer to the potential testers for their services. Moreover, you can also add your app on the special section of the Google Play. This section is totally distinguished for the beta testing version of the app. It will provide the team with more detailed information about bugs found and the user’s requirement.
  4. Maintenance: The lifecycle of the launched music streaming app will require around 15 hours per month. You will need to pay the regular and ongoing fees to access the tracks.

Depending on the complexity of the app and the hours to complete the app, the cost of the mobile app development approximately reaches between the $25000 and $60000.


The article gives you the definite option to think over your music streaming app. All that you need to know about the mobile app development is here itself. What you just need to do is think over it again and reach out to the experts for your app development.

The music app development is one of the most popular trends in the app development field. It is likely to be huge in the crowd who would love to use your app if implemented every edge in a suitable manner.

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