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Guide On On-Demand App for Home Services

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On-demanded apps have already benefited most of the traditional industries. It has already changed the way we eat, shop, travel, and make a purchase online. Now it’s time to change our household chores with these on-demand apps and services.

On-demand home services provide a platform where a user can hire professionals from nearby area to get done with the essential household chores with much ease and convenience. Like all other apps, an on-demand app for home services comes with the necessary inbuilt functionalities. You can hire professional cleaners, plumbers, electricians, carpenters, and beauticians within minutes at your fingertips.

An on-demand app for home services is still at the beginning stage. However, there are some big names like Task Rabbit that are linked to it and they can be as big as Uber. So, let us find out what it takes to build an on-demand app for home services.

Features Necessary for On-Demand Home Service App

Browse Professionals Using Filters

The possibly greatest feature of an on-demand app for home service is providing users with advanced yet easy browsing capacity. They must be able to search for professionals based on their location, cost, and specialty. This is the true essence of home service app. Allow users to apply such filters while browsing to provide them with great app experience.

Schedule Service

This feature allows its user to take a service at their preferred time slot and also allows them to book for an appointment in advance.

Notification for Approval of Service

The on-demand app for home services can send a notification to a user’s device, each time a professional accepts the request. This will save time at both the ends and also users shall never miss out on the important updates regarding requests.

Payment Options

One of the main considerations for online payment is its security. It is necessary to provide a reliable and secure means of payment to the app users. Apart from this, users taking home services through apps should be able to make payments via different options like credit card, debit card, cash, and e-wallets.

Critical Features of App for Service Providers

Quick Registration

The service providers or professionals must be able to register as quickly as possible. This allows them for a quick verification and getting assignments based on their profile.

Real-Time Request

For home service providers, it is necessary to reply back with the approval or disapproval of the requests as quickly as possible. Thus, an on-demand app for home services must include request notifications of all types like text alerts, push notifications and emails notification.

Chatting Facility

Communication plays a vital role in in-home services. It clears all the air regarding any queries from both the sides. Thus, a home service app must include an inbuilt chat system to help users and providers connect in a better way.

Features for Admin Panel


The Admin should be provided with an easy-to-use dashboard for managing all the activities. It shall work as the control center of the app.

Manage Service Providers

The admin must be provided with the authority to manage, verify, and add service providers to the app. The admin must also be able to prevent the frauds from getting an entry.

Manage Reviews

Reviews are important for new customers. Admin must be able to handle reviews like flagging the poor providers and mentioning the top performers in the reviews section.


Analytics plays an important role to get an insight into the business. The admin can check the statistics of the progress with the help of analytics tool integrated within the app.

Cost of Building On-Demand App for Home Service

The cost of the app depends upon several factors like the location of development, features to be included in the app, the user interface and the cost of hiring professionals for development. However, on an average, it should cost you around $15,000 to $30,000.


The demand for home service app will rise in near future owing to the fact that these days almost every business niche is inclined towards it. It provides a medium to simplify business marketing efforts and also offer a great user experience.

To obtain a detailed guidance, you can always rely on professionals of a reputed App Development Company.

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