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PWA Mobile Experience: New Trend In App Development


In the world of developing technology people and developers of the mobile application industry have a big debate about which is the best? Mobile applications or a mobile web experience?

We all know that mobile apps are a lot better. But now we have a new trend that uses mobile applications and web browsing. These are called progressive web applications. Using PWA we can improve the user experience.

PWAs are relatively new and people have not yet explored and understood the operation and features of this technology. Many of us have heard of it, but we don’t really know if the PWAs are really good for us. That’s why we will discuss PWA today and why they are becoming so popular.

What is a Progressive Web App (PWA)?

PWAs are applications that introduce design elements into a mobile browser and provide other technologies and features that are primarily associated with native applications. PWAs are fun to use and increasingly popular because they allow you to browse the mobile site and use it as if you were using a mobile application.

PWA is a new concept. This term did not exist before 2015. It has some common characteristics.

Progressive: Applications must support progressive improvements, hence the name. Applications work for all users, regardless of their device or platform.
Discoverable: Service worker easily discovers PWAs, for which they search engines to find them.
Linkable: These applications work on the Web, so they can be linkable by definition and easy to share.
Responsive: PWAs react easily and adapt to all forms, such as desktops, tablets, and smartphones
As an application: By nature, PWAs seem and interact as a native application.

The appearance of PWAs not only similar to those of native applications, but also navigation and interactions. PWAs have an HTTP connection which guarantees that the content has been infringed. Users can be contacted via push notifications in a PWA. User can install and also maintain on the home screen. No need to download PWA, one can get a full-screen browsing experience with PWA

Benefits of Progressive Web Apps

A PWA can work offline, have specific mobile navigation, send automatic push notifications and be easily accessible from the main/home screens. PWAs can be discovered without going through an application marketplace, so it is not necessary to download them. This is an incredible advantage because it does not submit you to an application approval process. Users can easily find out via a web browser. The chances of getting discovered in an app store are lower.

The PWA can also use with low-speed Internet access. Even in offline mode. Yes, of course, you can use PWA even if the mobile data is off or the monthly Internet subscription is over. PWA applications are design to use their offline functions as well. Several service providers recommend and enable the cache, which allows the cache to function properly when Internet connectivity is poor and non-existent.

PWAs are also fast and easy for users to install. They take up much less space than native applications and don’t consume more data. From a user perspective, PWAs offer all these advantages and always seem to work like a native application. This improves the user experience. There is an immediate response to the commands, so there is no problem with delay or issue of scrolling, which can be found in a traditional mobile site.

Easy Maintenance

Regular maintenance of an application is essential to its success. While the maintenance is expensive for native applications. However, it is extremely easy to maintain a PWA because it automatically updates. As with a native application, it is not necessary to publish a new version every time the application is updated. Users will feel safe and trust more in PWA.

Service Worker

The service worker API is the core of any PWA because they handle many different processes. They will make the necessary changes in the resource request and navigation. The complete control over the behavior of the application is entirely up to you. It’s also operated on HTTP which is secure. Like the PWAs, the service worker API is pretty new. It will develop in the future and be more functional than it is now.

With a list of features to boast about, PWA is definitely the next trend in the tech world. For the entrepreneurs who have just entered the world of technology and are in no hurry to hire an application developer, they must go through the PWA application. In the absence of App Store regulations and strict guidelines, PWA is an open solution for everyone. The best user experience with optimize-page for mobile devices and the absence of significant data consumption is the main attraction of users.

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