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Top 10 Trends Any App Developer Should Be Aware Of

Top 10 Trends Any App Developer Should Be Aware

Smartphones are an inseparable part of our lives. From the moment we wake up in the morning to switch off the alarm on our phone, we are using smartphones for almost everything. For listening to music, reading headlines, watching videos, checking emails, texting a friend and so on; everything is completed seamlessly with the use of our mobile devices.

Almost 2 billion people worldwide own a smartphone and they are continuously interacting with one or the other app through their smartphones. The use of smartphone and apps is surely not going to be reduced in the coming years; it is going to be accelerated further down the years. The only thing that might change is the app trends. So, here we shall discuss the app trends that will rule in the coming years and if you are an app developer, you might also like to note it down:

Now let’s see what are the 10 mobile app trends that an app developer should be aware…

1. AMPs Are Changing the Web App Landscape:

Accelerated mobile pages or AMPs are introduced by Google. Recently, it has also announced a separate search index for the mobile web. This will completely change the mobile app development trend.

AMP supported pages’ load faster in comparison to those that don’t. It also reduces the bounce rates by increasing the visitors on the page. AMP will surely be on top of the app development trends for coming years.

2. AR Is Set to Spread Magic:

If you are in the app development work for quite some time, then Augmented reality and Virtual Reality might not the new words for you. In 2017, they have already created a revolution in the gaming and entertainment industry. Pokémon Go is a popular example of this. VR devices like Samsung Gear VR and Google Cardboard also gaining fame.

AR application development will show a rise in the coming years and therefore you might as well see it spreading magic.

3. Artificial Intelligence is Real Now:

We shall see a rise in the investments for artificial intelligence. The use of cognitive interfaces for complex systems, advanced analytics, and machine learning technology provides an access to powerful insights into the business.

Due to this, tech giants like Google and Facebook are all set to acquire startups that are into the business of machine learning and artificial intelligence. Some wonderful apps making use of this technology include Google Now and Siri. This trend of AI shall remain intact in the coming year.

4. Cloud-Driven Mobile Apps Are Rising:

Cloud apps are for the good. Finally, the apps can load faster and take up less space on the mobile device to directly fetch data from the cloud. Apps occupy minimum space on the device. Google Drive and DropBox are some popular examples of cloud technology.

A research led by Cisco team indicates that the cloud apps shall drive 90% of the total mobile data traffic by the year 2019. This shows cloud driven apps are here to stay with us for the upcoming year.

5. App Security Shall Remain a Prime Concern:

According to a prediction led by Gartner, if we are to test mobile apps today, almost 70% of them will fail the basic tests of security.

Hackers will continue to exploit the security gaps. So, the security shall remain a prime concern for the coming years. App developers might use frameworks like JavaScript for building secure and scalable apps.

6. Wearable Devices Are Getting More Attention:

The market for wearable devices is all set to increase in the coming years. Estimates indicate around 213 million units of wearable devices to be shipped in 2020. Apple Watch Series, Pebble 2, Xiomi Mi Brand, Fitbit Flex 2, Google Daydream view are some of the fascinating examples of such wearable devices. This shows a promising trend for wearable app devices in 2019.

7. M-Commerce Is becoming A New Standard:

A number of users today prefer the new method of payment through Google Wallet and Apple pay instead of going for the traditional method of credit and debit cards. This is giving rise to M-commerce.

Wearable devices will play a major role in the future of M-commerce. M-commerce and wearable devices will together make payments simple to take a different shape in 2019.

8. IoT Will Be Bigger:

Internet of Things has gathered a lot of interest from mobile app developers since 2017. Analysts predict IoT will grow from $157 billion in 2016 to $661 billion in 2020. This affects the mobile app trends as most of the IoT devices are controlled by the smartphones.

9. Location-Based Services Are On Rising:

Location-based apps like Google Beacon are becoming popular. The use of Wi-Fi will support location-based information and so it will not be limited to hotels, restaurants, outlets, and health-care. This advanced technology is expected to rise in 2019 as one of the major mobile app trends.

10. Swift Is Much Swifter Now:

Swift is the next-generation language for iOS developers. Mobile app developers have Swift as their preferred choice over Objective-C and this is the reason it will gain a lot of attention in the year 2019. Swift is also getting better than ever with the new release of version Swift 2.  Thus, it is going to stay in the app development market for a long time.


These are the trends that shall prevail in the near future. Skilled mobile app developers cannot rely on old trends. It becomes necessary for them to be updated with the latest trends as mentioned here for thriving better. 2019 will surely offer some new trends and mobile app developers might as well enhance their skills accordingly. These trends are surely beneficial for app development businesses as well.

Are you ready with these trends? What are some other trends that you might see in the near future? Mention your thoughts and opinions in the comment section.

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