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Why You Need an MVP for Your Mobile Application?

Why You Need an MVP for Your Mobile Application

A successful mobile application is undoubtedly an outcome of a great idea. It all starts with an idea followed by implementation and some more hard work like maintenance and support. However, not all ideas may lead towards building a great app. Sometimes, it may be dangerous to build apps that are purely based on assumptions of getting success.

So, how to decide upon the fruitfulness of the ideas? How do you guarantee an app success? The answer is MVP or Minimum Viable Product. MVP is the starting point of a successful project.

How does MVP work?

MVP is nothing but the early version of your desired app released in the market. It has minimum necessary features that you want in your app. All the important and unique features are included in the app and other advanced features are excluded. When the MVP of an app is launched in the market, it gets reviews and feedbacks from the customers helping the owner to understand whether the app will be a success or not.

MVP allows entrepreneurs and businesses to save time and money by giving an early insight into the analytical data of the app. Every app development business wishes to excel in the market but it may so happen that they fail to reach customer expectation. Customers don’t find their app usage and in that case, if they have used MVP for their app then it will save them from a huge loss.

Why is MVP important for Mobile Application?

MVP is the core of the app:

A minimum viable product focuses only on the core idea of the app and excludes secondary functions or features. It offers a trial and error approach to test the app. This holds true, especially for small businesses and startups. Startups can get a quick start with minimum risks and maximum return. As only main features are included, the cost required to develop such an app is less. It gets developed in less time and startups can start fetching customers as quickly as possible. While in the meantime, they can also think upon adding more features.

Not only the startups but also big brands have used this approach for getting a quick check into the market. This proves that MVP does not have to be necessarily related with a small budget or deficiency of time, but a well-defined approach to get required outcome.

MVP development helps you win more:

It can be unreasonable to spend months over developing a fantastic app with lots of features only to find out that the users don’t need it. Most of the time users don’t know what they really want from an app or they aren’t clear with the kind of features they want. In such cases, it is a better option to present them with variants of the app and then they will decide which one is suitable for them. This is achievable only through MVP.

The great examples of MVP


The initial release of the app only allowed drivers to connect with the customers and make payments for the drives. This was the very basic and main functionality of the app. It then quickly gained fame and turned into a million dollar business. Today, the Uber app includes a dozen other features making it a big app.


Evan Spiegel, Bob Murphy and Frank Brown, the three students at Stanford University decided to build this app as an educational project. Initially, the idea was to build a messenger that displayed self-destructing messages (messages got displayed for 10 seconds after reading). The first version of the app was released only for iOS users in 2011. Today, it has millions of users making it popular all over the world.

How to get benefit from MVP?

Once the initial version of the app is built successfully, the next step is to launch it in the market. This is the time to understand the analytics and fetch data for making better decisions. One does not need to worry or focus solely on the negative reviews as the success of the app depends much on the statistics obtained and not just the reviews. The entrepreneurs need to pay heed on the information gained, the conclusions to be driven and the changes to be made in the product for improvising it.


MVP is the best way to understand your customers and their requirements at the earliest without losing much time and finance. All that is required is getting to the core of the project functions and hiring a good app development company.

If you still have any doubts, you can always ask experts in the field. Leave your questions in the comment section.

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