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5 Reasons Your Mobile App Needs Video Integration

Why App need Video Integration

Human brains work in an interesting manner. Visuals attract a human brain more as compared to mere text. This is probably one of the reasons why we prefer to watch videos over reading. Taking this into account, mobile apps must integrate this component for better results and there are a number of reasons for doing so. Let us look out for these reasons:

1. Unique User Interface:

Videos provide a better user interface. A video of your app talking about how to use it, the special features in it, an introduction or a short promoting message could really make a huge difference. It will increase user engagement and conversion rates without a lot of efforts. Consider it from their point of view and you will find a how-to guide boring and mundane if it is plain text. However, a video briefing the how-to guide might not be so boring.

2. Marketing Tool:

Promotions can be done in a unique way through videos. Stats show that nearly 87% of online marketers use video content for marketing. Take the example of ‘Angry Birds’ game. Before you could self-explore the game, you are given a brief intro through a video in which a finger is pulling the slingshot and the birds are knocking out the pigs. This way, we can say that videos have the power to sell the apps. Besides, there are several app stores who give you the power to add videos to your promoting advertisements.

3. Increased Customer Engagement:

Videos work in a way that helps drive more traffic towards an application. One can think of sharing videos promoting the app on social media platforms like Facebook. With more than 8 billion views per day, such platforms give you the opportunity to engage your audience for a higher conversion.

4. Meeting Customer Expectations:

At the end of the day, your app requires to meet customer expectations. And what on Earth could be better than showcasing your app via a video? It is a sure shot way to tell them that your app fulfills their purpose. A nice short explanatory video goes a long way to bring in the required success.

Besides this, customers might find it difficult to use your app and in this situation, videos are a powerful medium to solve the problem. For example, users might find it difficult to fill out the income tax form on an app. In that case, explaining the process via video can simplify the task for them.

5. Surviving Competition:

Billions of apps are downloaded every year and the competition is getting tough. You need a survival mechanism to withstand this competition. If we are to believe the numbers, 64% of consumers make a purchase only after watching the videos. Social media videos generate nearly 1200 percent more revenue compared to the images and text combined. Over 500 million people watch videos on Facebook daily. The numbers are quite fascinating, aren’t they?

It seems that the trend of using videos for apps is here to stay. Videos can help gain an edge over the competition.

Tips to build great videos supporting your app:

You put great efforts, time and money to build the app and so the chances are that you might end up getting tempted to use readily available themes and graphics for creating videos. However, this should be avoided for videos are as important as any other aspect of your app. Here are some tips that will help you in creating quality video content for your app:

  • Create videos that have similar design and templates to match with that of the app.
  • Try creating a special video player for your app and embed it at various stages of the app
  • Regulate which videos should be played by default and which ones to be played after a user action like ‘hitting on help’ button.
  • Integrate videos in the app itself instead of integrating it over a different platform.


The use of mobile apps is increasing day by day. You need to cover several aspects like planning, designing, creating and optimizing the app for making it into a huge success. Creating a video for your app is one such aspect that shouldn’t be missed. We have already highlighted the number of ways in which it can benefit your app.

Mention your thoughts about how videos can help make a difference for an app.

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