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Best Features that Startups have to consider while Developing Parking Finder App

Best Features that Startups have to consider while Developing Parking Finder App

With the increase in population and the demands of cars, the usage and the buying of cars have been also increased. Moreover, with this, the parking space problems have also increased and is still increasing. To find the free parking area is not any less than the nightmare. Nowadays no car owner wants to park his car at a long distance and walk the distance. So, this has to lead to thinking about the need for developing the smart parking system when you are late to your office or a meeting where you can reserve your parking.

Mostly What Problems People Face for the Parking and In what Ways the Parking Finder App System Helps?

Most Probably, people are concern about some of the specific things while traveling.

  • Parking area – where to park?
  • Following the road sign for the parking but till the time you reach the parking gets full. So, there we can say you need an app that directs you directly to the place where there is parking space.
  • Tracking the particular rules of the parking slot is somewhat difficult without the parking finder app.

The Requirement for Parking Finder App Development

As I said earlier, today no one wants to walk a mile or more to reach the location. Above all the problems people facing, finding the parking place is the most frustrating one. And there is no stopping of this problem arise with the escalating of the economy.

Possibly every individual wants to buy the car and so the problem of free or paid parking space availability persists and is not heading towards the resolution anytime soon. This has increased the competition of finding parking space at a reasonable price.

Idea Revolving around the Custom Parking Finder App

The sensitivity of the quantity demanded according to the changes in other factors, of course, affects the firm’s pricing decisions. Business owners like you would probably opt for the mobile app development which the major users demand. It’s irrespective of the existing similar apps.

There are three main categories for the parking finder app development:

  • Navigation Based Apps – Like this app would work on the navigation device and shows you all the possible available parking slots.
  • Booking Based Apps – Along with navigation, it can also be a booking based app. It works on the pay as you go, model. The user can book the parking slots and do the payment in advance if the destination is predecided.
  • Complete Booking Criteria – This can be the solutions if implemented can generate great revenue. Beyond just booking, navigation and pricing, the app allows the user to register and choose a suitable place, time and leave the order. Accordingly, the app also informs the staff to pick up the car and park it in the predecided place. The number of various features added to the app totally depends on the business owners, requirements and preferences.

Features You Can Consider for the Parking Finder App

Mobile app development companies mostly consider these features while the parking finder app development customized for iOS and Android platform.

  • Search Easy: The app must be developed in a way that it eases out the reservations for the parking slots. This helps the user to directly move towards the parking slot reserved rather and wasting time in finding one.
  • GPS: GPS is important to direct the users the route for the available parking slots.
  • Street Parking Alerts: Besides GPS, the parking finder app will have the street parking alerts which will help users to indicate the metered parking, no parking, and the street signs.
  • Easy Price Comparison: It provides an idea about the prices and also compares it with the nearby destinations.
  • Ease of Booking: Parking finder app enables the user to book the parking slot on the daily, weekly and monthly basis. This makes it ease by not reserving the slot all the time.
  • Payment Options with Ease: With the ease in the payment process while using the parking app, the user feels the sense of security. Having the various methods which can include the cash payment also keeps the users.
  • Multi-lingual: With the multiple languages features, the users can enjoy the benefits of parking finder app.

Additional Bonus with Advanced Feature in the Parking Finder Mobile App Development

  • GPS: Most important feature for finding the right routes, direction, and exact parking location. This helps in saving the user’s time. Moreover, it also combines both Google Maps and Mapkit for Android and iOS for the navigations.
  • Push Notification: Its the best feature to increase the user engagements. Additionally, it’s important for informing the users about the new features, promo codes, discounts, and other app updates so they can have a better user experience.
  • Map Searching: Maps can help in finding the available parking space and to reach home more quickly.
  • Rate Card: This feature enable the user to estimate the prices which can vary according to the area and time of the day.
  • In-App Communications: Furthermore, this feature facilitates to chat with the driver, customer, admin and customer support representatives within the app.
  • Heat map view: The feature helps to find out the busiest route or the busiest slot for the parking availability of the particular slot.
  • Multiple Cities and Places: The added advantage for the user is they can find the parking in different places of multiple cities.

Major Modules for Parking Finder App Development

  1. User Panel
  • Registration
  • Vehicle Location Tracking System
  • PickUp Location Search
  • Estimated Arrival and Departure time
  • Scheduled Parking Booking
  • Payment Integration
  • Parking History
  • Rating and Review
  1. Admin Panel
  • User Management
  • Driver Management
  • Manage Payment
  • Add or Remove Driver
  • Manage Booking
  • Manage Offers
  • Addition of new locations
  1. Driver Panel
  • Register
  • Add ID proof
  • Contact Customers
  • Receive payment from customers
  • Review and Rating
  • Accept or Decline Parking Request

The Solutions from the Parking Finder App Development

  • Easy to locate vacant spots
  • Easy Finding Multi-Space Parking
  • Gives relief from the annoyance of double parking hazards
  • Comes with own set of rules
  • Charges might be on the hour, days, week, or monthly basis.
  • Able to pay in advance


Normally, the car costs less than the parking space. Moreover, we can buy a house with a parking space. But while traveling within the city or outstations, your first concern towards your car is the parking area. However, this sometimes turns to the nightmare where you can’t give up on your car just by not getting the parking space.

And so you need a parking finder app if you are in the business of parking spaces. The expertise of the mobile app development company can help you have a brilliant parking app developed.

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