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The Ultimate Guide On The Future of Mobile App Development

Guide on future of Mobile App Development

Over the last decade, mobile application development has grown immensely. The fame and respond got to the mobile apps are extraordinary. So, what will be new in the upcoming year for development? To build a mobile app is one of the trends and the uplifting tactic of the businesses towards promotion and growth.

So, what we can expect, looking towards the current state of the industry and the results of past decades?

The rising trends that we think for the future of mobile app development can be,

  1. Multi-Platform and Cross-device Development

When it comes to mobile development platforms, we have settled our minds to use iOS, Android and to the much lower extend Windows Mobile. iOS and Android platform maintain its grip in the market of iOS app development and Android app development respectively. Windows Platform is growing in its way but not too much. It doesn’t seem to evolve the new competitor in the race.

Although, there is no such approach like “One size fit for all” because creating an app which works on multiple platforms seems to be a pain in the industry. The developers are trying to solve it and it will no longer the same situation you will experience. We will be experiencing a rise in cross-platform mobile application development. The future of mobile app development will also be focusing on the great part of hybrid app development.

  1. IoT Mobile App Development

Future of Mobile app development is not limited to mobile phones and tablets. We are entering the new era of digitalization where the examples of IoT you see can be a self-driving car, a fridge reading your tweets and so on. This is the era of cloud computing where everything is smart and is going to be smarter than ever.

Even though the present efforts are not effective much but the mobile app development in IoT will be getting much bigger than the present. The shift we are seeing is away from mobile phones and tablets. This shift is the result of the Android and iOS wearables. Even though the wearables are not in serious consideration but still the IoT residents in the wearables. The wearables will be shortly giving the competition to mobile phones and tablets. As the devices are getting interconnected more, the competition between them is the quality of software installed in it. This reason gives the widespread space for the software industry to grow and this is where the future of the mobile app development industry becomes the gold mine for the developers.

The popular survey says that about 53% of the mobile app developers are working on IoT projects and most of them are working as a hobby or a side project. The developer who wants to adopt the trends in the first ride should definitely look towards the IoT development.

  1. Developer’s Tools

The nerdy version of Inception: developers building tool for developers to build more tools. Agreed?

Future of Mobile app development will make you see most developers developing specialized tools for other developers. It doesn’t seem to lower down the growth speed of the  Mobile app development tools. The powerful tools like the cross-platform tools to develop mobile apps are also on the rise.

The hottest topic currently going around the globe in the tool development field is Mobile Back-end as a service. The new model in the hot topic talk is MBAAS that enables the developer to connect and manage the back-end of their mobile apps via the cloud. Presently it is the fastest growing business.

Undoubtedly, there will be more future trends for mobile app development based on the cloud.

  1. Rapid Development

The Mobile application development will be focusing on the reduction of the life cycle of the production in the near future. Balancing the rise of third-party tools that helps reduce the monotonous work of the developers performing today.

There are tens of thousands of Android and iOS apps releasing every year. The mobile application industry is becoming a tough race against time. Businesses are always looking forward to launching their mobile apps before other competitors fearing that if not launched, their competitors will be filling up the market place.

The refinements of methodologies and ideologies on faster and better mobile development life cycle are the future of the Mobile application development.

  1. Globalization

Because of the lowering of production cost and improved quality of services and development provided by the companies and developers offshore, outsourcing globally will be on the rise and in demand.

Undoubtedly, there is a saying that “what you pay for is what you get” but with the South American and Eastern European developers the saying is not same. They have the capability of providing the qualitative work and their showcasing skills you would see on the GitHub.

As the mobile apps are becoming the part of everyday life, it will undoubtedly be emerging of the mobile app development will be making the immense impact on changing the social and economic aspects of life in the global development of the world.

The popular survey says that mobile technologies will be helping to reduce illiteracy and improve education in the near future. A further prediction is there will be more mobile apps in demand for improved quality living and developing the countries.


All want to grab the trends involving in the Mobile app industry and to do that all have to be alert and work on that. Technologically, these trends would not be slowing down in near future and the tremendous impact of them would be on the globe. So, stay alert and continue with the coding.

What are your thoughts about the future of Mobile App Development? Share your opinion in the comment section.

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