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Facial Recognition Trend 2020

facial recognition

If you think this trend is only in our smartphones, then think twice! The government and big businesses have adapted facial Recognition Trend 2020 for safe and secured results.

Everything you need to know about the Facial Recognition System.

Firstly, let’s see what is it?

Facial Recognition the coolest trend has wide applications. It is the innovation which is necessary for recognizing or confirming an individual through the digital source from image and video.

Further, it compares the information with the available database of known faces to find a match. It is often a term and know as a bio metric measurement.

You don’t want to miss out these top 6 reasons why it is worth your time and investment, facial recognition trend  2020:

Facial Recognition Future Trend (Market)

Recently, studies and researches have shown that by 2024 the global facial recognition future trend will generate $7 billion of revenue, at the CAGR of 16%, over the period of 2019-2024, that is in five years.

And as far as 2019 is concerned, the market revenue for the trend is estimated to be around $3.2 billion.

Its Contribution to Security & Law Enforcement

It has provided a sophisticated surveillance technique that is more accurate even then the human eye. Facial recognition system in china and other countries uses it at borders to identify the true identity of people.

Face bio metrics are also employed in police checks in Europe for preventing any terror attacks beforehand.
Facial Recognition Trend is the promising future of security. And safety which has lesser-known loopholes than other secured tech systems.

Using in the Healthcare Sector

Amazed? I guess you shouldn’t be then!

Healthcare sector is the first one to adopt new technological advancements. Right from detecting genetic diseases to tracking a patient’s use of medications more accurately.  It has become the next big thing in the healthcare sector.

Application in Marketing & Retail Sector

Companies and Enterprises also put all of their efforts to leverage the full potentials of any technology which is trending.

With this being the next big thing, tap by giants like Google, who has just launch Android 10 (Android Q Beta Version) with most develop and secure facial recognition feature.

Undoubtedly these companies are ruling the market, as, they tap the correct opportunities on time. They have begin  to test the Facial Recognition future trends already and are set to rule the market 2020.

Entry of New Users

As said, facial recognition trend 2020 is going to be the hot topic with big companies in the play. Mapping of new users like facial recognition system in China and India is rising potentially.

They are now leading the field with the USA offering the largest market of opportunities above all.

Safety is the foremost thing for which this feature is synonymous, too, and countries are adopting it at a greater pace. India is trying to build the world’s most significant facial recognition system.

The Key Players of Top Facial Recognition Technologies

Software web giants have already picked on this trend and are on an attempt to further make the newest discoveries on facial recognition future trend. Facebook, Google, Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon have published that the popularity of this system comes from vast areas of its potential applications.

It has its application not only in securing law and legal system of the country though it is also now being applied in online purchases for secured transactions.

For example, Amazon is helping you to save your accounts from hackers by letting you verify through it by snapping a selfie. When will this come into play is not yet known!

Reduce cost

Traditional procedures such as customer entry, identity verification and management are very costly to maintain.

According to new account formation and return customers using new services, remote face recognition will significantly reduce enrollment duration and operating costs.

As such, the manual procedures, documentation, authentication, fraud and, most significantly, the time occupy to verify the user’s identity will be less immediately.

In fact, if customers and employees use bio metrics for identification, password problems will reduce and the support desk and compliance costs will reduce.

Wrapping up

Future  is an energizing one. There are lots astounding facial recognition use cases that are effectively under development process towards thrill as we head towards 2020.

It is clear that governments and businesses have started using facial recognition trend 2020 already. Will see further advances in the utilization of application in our every day lives.

While a few people stay distrustful about the utilization of Facial Recognition programming. But no matter what it will be continuously towards its development at fast space.

With upcoming unpredictable changes and transformations, we will like to hear your views on this ‘new hot trend to follow – Facial Recognition Trend 2020’.

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