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Why Product Photography is important to drive sales?


“The first impression is the last impression”. The same rule applied in business on your products.

According to Weebly Report, 75% of the Online buyer says products pictures help them to make a decision about specific products buy or not.

Online product selling is tougher as compared to Selling it offline.

Because Digitally, Only you have visuals to show about your product.

Survey Conducted By Weebly and they found, 22% of online sold products returned Because products don’t look the same as given in photos.

So Be With article till the end and I will share with lots of photography tips, facts and information about to drive more sales in eCommerce through photography.

Why Best Photography is important to Drive Sales?

Visuals Content is 40% more likely to shared by people’s and I have already mentioned above, 22% of online sold products get returned because they don’t look the same as given in photos.

Now, You can understand. How much it’s important to use High-Quality photos for your brand or products.

Good Quality Photography helps you to built trust, worthiness, increase conversions and decrease return rate.

Images also help you in SEO and drive traffic to your website through Google images.

To do SEO of images, You just have to put LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) in your images Alt Text and this will give a message to crawlers about your images.

Pinterest CEO Said, Future Searches will be done by pictures instead of keywords.

Do you know about Google Lens? It’s all about searching your queries through photos.

Photography Equipment’s


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If, You have a good amount of budget. Then, You can hire a professional photographer.

Otherwise, You can do it yourself. I will suggest you, In the initial stage of your business do it yourself after growth you can do outsourcing.

Now, Let’s talk about the equipment you need to do photography for your products:

Good Quality Camera:

Of course, The first and most important equipment to do photography a Good Quality Camera.

Now, I’ll not tell you which camera you should buy.

It’s totally up to you. Because you know your need and what kind of photography you want to do?

But, I will suggest taking some advice from a professional photographer.

Because they know it better.


I find lots of people say, They don’t need a Tripod for photography.

They say We have very simple work.

But, I would like to say – For save penny don’t rust your Dollars.

Overall We know, Photos are the first impression of our products.

Tripod makes your photography more smooth and clean. Good Photography skills matter. No Doubt!


Lighting is one of the most important elements of photography. Usually, Natural light is preferred to make your photography more smooth.

But, Sometimes We do photography in studios to use green screens and there we have to use artificial lights to make photos more smooth and clean.

Natural Lights: Sun Light is an example of natural light. The best time to leverage natural lights is mid-day. Because at that time you have choices to experiment with photography.

Artificial Lights: LED Tub lights, Halogen, Umbrella Lights are examples of artificial lights. Mainly used in Studios to use the Green Screen effect.


When we talk about Quality, Smoothness, Cleanliness. Then, Lenses plays a very important role.

You have to buy it externally as per your needs. It adds some extra amount to your shopping.

Lenses help you to focus on your object more clearly.

External SD Cards:

Nothing is more than bad to know, Photoshoot has been late or postponed because the SD card has been corrupted.

Don’t be dependent on one Big SD card. A handful with some SD cards always.

Also, invest some penny to buy a water-resistant case to make your SD card more protective.

Carry Bag:

You have purchased expensive cameras and lenses. Then make sure they are protected enough to get saved from damages.

Invest some amount of money in a good carry bag to protect your accessories from damages.

If Cameras and lenses get little damage then they will show you high effect during the performance. Which you really don’t want.

So, Invest in a good quality carry bag and make it secure.

Editing Software:

Last but not least. Good editing software is also very important to enhance your work quality.

In market lots of photo editing software. You can choose according to your needs.

Photoshop and Lightroom are all-time best working software to give your photos pro look.

Budget-Friendly Setup For Photography

If You don’t have much money to invest in Camera, Lenses, Studio, Even you can’t hire professionals.

Then, the best option is your smartphone camera.

Nowadays, the Smartphone comes with very amazing camera’s. You can use it for your product photography.

You can use your current smartphone or also buy a new smartphone if the current camera Quality it not enough good.

Overall this Investment is budget-friendly.

Tips For Better Photography

Guy’s, Tools, tips, equipment will help. No doubt! But Skills matter a lot.

You have to do practice constantly to enhance your photography skills.

Most important just don’t copy Others also do experiments himself. It will you to boost your confidence.

Let take look at tips to consider While doing photography for your products:

1. Choose the write aperture according to products.

2. Do a proper setup of lights

3. Use a tripod too for better smoothness

4. Don’t over Editing on it

5. Don’t be fake, Show Actual product in the photo. As earlier I mentioned, 22% of products returned because they didn’t get the same product Which they saw pictures.

6. Be creative and experimental with your photography.

7. Use Natural Light in a more creative way.

8. Angles matter.


The future is completely about visuals. Be creative and use visuals for your brand to grow it. Always be transparent with your customers. Don’t show something and Sell anything. Use High-Quality pictures to show your products. Play with colors to enhance make your photography skills.

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