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How to Do Marketing of an App on Instagram

Instagram Marketing

Nowadays, most of every Industry are inclined towards Mobile App Development. By developing Mobile App companies are starting an online business to reach more customers. But it is not easy, because you can find enormous Mobile Application for the same category as well. So, to stay in this breakneck Competition it is essential to adopt a well-developed marketing plan.

There are various Social Media Platforms are there which are used as a marketing platform. Such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Medium, and Instagram and many more. We are going to talk about one of the social media platform Instagram.

Like other social channels, you can include Instagram as a crucial part of the marketing plan. Since its launch in 2008, Instagram has become one of the most widely used and used and engaging Social Platform. According to research cited on Hotspot, Instagram has approximately 800 million active monthly users. Around 60 percent of adults online use Instagram and there are 25 million business profiles on the site.

Despite how copious Instagram is in terms of connecting with potential customers and creating marketing. It differs from other social platforms and it requires a distinctive approach.

If you are thinking about marketing an app on Instagram, the following are some general and specific things to be aware of.

Optimize Your Instagram Business Profile

Firstly, if you are going to be marketing an app on Instagram you need to create and optimize your profile. You will have to choose an image that is in line with the marketing and branding you are implementing elsewhere.

You can include your logo it is also a good option, but since you are marketing an app you could also use a captivating image from within your app.

Your bio has too short and sweet, so let people know what your app is and why they should use it and love it. You don’t need to optimize for keywords here, because you can’t search Instagram Bios.

What you should do, however, is encourage your profile visitors to take a specific action. Maybe you send them to a landing page with more information about your application, or perhaps you encourage them to go and download the app. The bio is the only available where you can add a clickable link on Instagram, so make good use of it.

Influencer Marketing

If you choose to market on Instagram, you will need to get familiar with influencers. Users go to Instagram to see what the people they follow are doing and using. Instagram users with the big following are often described as influencers.

Consumers are much more likely to make a purchase or download an application if someone they follow on social media recommends it.

There are several ways to connect with influencers. You can reach out to them directly in their direct messages, but this can be tough to acquire their attention, especially if they have tons of followers. Another option is to go through a service that manages the contacts between influencers and people who want to market their products or services.

Use Hashtags

Along with learning more about influencer marketing and reach out to influencers, if you are marketing on Instagram you are going to have to learn hashtag best practices. You probably already know the general elements of what hashtags are and how to use them, but they are one of the most critical parts of your Instagram campaigns and marketing efforts.

Every post on Instagram should have at least one hashtag, but you are usually going to have more than that. Include a mix of short and long-tail hashtags, and do not post your hashtags in the caption. Instead, add them to the comments so that people can able to see your pictures in their newsfeed without the clutter. Include one of your brand’s hashtags in every post for consistently.

Instagram Advertisements

While Instagram can be great for organic marketing, their paid ads option are fantastic as well. There are two types of Instagram Ads. First one is image ad and other options are video ads. Image-based ads more like an organic Instagram post, while video ads can go for up to 30 seconds and include sounds as well as the visual elements.

Moreover, you can use the option of app install. Instagram ads include various CTA options, including one for “Install now.”

Instagram ads are good for driving app installs for some different reasons. First, since they are native-style they really seamlessly blend into people’s feeds and they might not even initially realize they are looking at an ad. Instagram ads also execute well- often better than Facebook ads in terms of getting clicks.


As social media is a crucial platform to advertise your business and Instagram is open for us. So, by taking advantage of this you can explore more options and find all of the opportunities and possibilities available through this platform.

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