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Ultimate Guide: How To Get More Organic Traffic To Your Website

How To Get More Organic Traffic

Do you struggle to get organic traffic to the Website?

If yes, then there is no need to be disappointed.

We are here to help you out. In this guide, we shared our best practice and methods to get more organic traffic to your site. We know you are desperate to know all the ways to grow your Website. But, keep in mind:

“SEO is a patience game, and you have to make strategies, apply them, wait for some time to see the magic of SEO.”

You are searching to get more traffic. So, I am hoping you aware of basic terms like SEO, On-Page SEO, Keywords, meta description, etc.

If you’re looking for a black hat SEO guide or quick rich type content, then I am sorry this guide is not for you. We will provide all the white hat SEO tricks and methods that people ignore or missed to implement.

But don’t worry about the tough ways. We explained all the steps, straightforwardly and familiarly. Let’s start without wasting any second and read the full guide.

10 Proven ways to get more organic traffic to your Website

It’s time to dive into the secrets of SEOs. You will get every necessary hack that is working nowadays. Okay, let’s start our guide to get more traffic organically.

Ask a few questions to yourself

Yes, you’re reading right. Before starting any blog, Website and business must ask these questions to yourself.

Who is your visitor?

You must know your reader/visitor. Now the question is what to know?

Analyze some basic facts, like age group, educational level, and more. Don’t mess with your reader’s interest. Note all points that can impress your targeted audience.

What and How you’re going to deliver?

When you know your reader, now plan what your content strategy is and how you will deliver him/her. You will learn more about content strategy for organic traffic in the below points.

What platform is best for you?

It’s a technical part of your Website, which platform you’re using. Always prefer the best content management system to deliver your content like WordPress, Wix. Also, a useful web hosting a well-designed theme is best for your Website.

Human is always smarter than Bot’s

The most crucial part of your Website is to give preference to humans over bots. Means always write for your reader(human), not a bot’ s(google crawlers). Here I mean, write what your user likes, write that makes sense for a user. Put your keywords naturally, and it is also helpful to control the bounce rate of your blog.

“Google likes what your readers like.”

So, avoid keyword stuffing and over the use of the target keywords. Sometimes this work but not for an extended period. Search engines are improving there algorithms day by day. A white hat SEO can boost your organic traffic safely.

A competitor is your true friend

From starting to unlimited travel, your competitor is your best friend to improve your Website traffic and leads. Let me disclose this secret of growing your blog.

  1. Research about your keyword and make a list of at least 15 top competitors.
  2. Take Audit of their Website, analyze article structure, backlink profile, on-page strategy, etc.
  3. Now create lists of highly competitive and low competitive keywords.
  4. Again audit every keyword that you’re targeting and used by your keyword.
  5. Explore his/her article, meta keywords, meta description, supportive keywords.
  6. Also, notice your competitor’s future keywords strategy, their new articles, it will help you get content ideas for your blog.

These are not least, and you can find infinity opportunities to improve your Website through your competitors.

The roadmap is more important than you think

After implementing the above three steps, it’s time to make a long term SEO strategy. After the competitor’s research, prepare a good plan to execute for a couple of days. I know these are the basics but more effective than you ever thought.

  1. Make a To-do list.
  2. Manage everything on a paper that you are going to do in upcoming days.
  3. Create a roadmap for at least three months, and then reaudit your ranking and traffic.
  4. In starting, don’t target steep or short keywords. Long-tail keywords are the best choice for a beginner.

Technical aspects of SEO

Day by day, SEO is becoming more difficult due to competition. I suggest always consider every valid point for ranking of your article and Website. Here are a few technical terms that you should take seriously.

  • Site Speed: In this fast-paced world, everybody loves speed. So, make sure your site loads fast and responsive according to the device—search engines like google taking site speed more seriously than ever. You can implement AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) for a better result.
  • Well-designed: A well designed, attractive, and well-structured Website can blow your traffic stats. You need to understand how user experience is essential for SEO. If people like your article, your design, they talk about it and share with others, and that is google like more.

So, don’t be lazy to work. Work hard and dedicate your Website to a user rather than search engines.

Give more attention to On-page SEO

What you are delivering is more important than who is offering. We admit off-page SEO is excellent, a high-quality backlink profile and authority help us a lot to rank faster. But after analyzing the last few year’s updates of the Google search engine, we are pretty sure they prefer On-page SEO a lot.

  1. Create good quality content.
  2. Optimize your article for SEO.
  3. Use focus keyword, meta description, heading, tables, copyright-free images, FAQ, videos in your article.
  4. Always try to put a table of content when possible. Suitable to use when a page has more than three headings.

Overall, try to spend more time on your On-page SEO as comparatively OFF-Page SEO.

Never miss an opportunity to get organic traffic

Yes, never miss a chance to get traffic organically. Try to snatch alternatives, best, etc. Let me explore it.

If your competitor is very popular, then it’s common he has some haters or disagrees with people too. It’s your time to snatch this keyword to get some natural traffic.

E.g. “ABC” is a very famous band.

Then you can target ABC Alternative, Alternatives of ABC. This strategy works excellent when your competitor is so popular.

Same with best, put Best, top, etc. words before the main keyword.

E.g. “Best coffee shop in Mexico.”

There are a lot of opportunities to grab more organic traffic; you have to attach with it.

Give some Social Signals

After writing a quality article, share it on social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) handles. When using a click on your link and spend time on your Website google things you have written good content. And give some importance in ranking as well. Usually, we called it social signals.

Convert into Brand

Try to covert your Website into a brand, like Quora, StackOverflow. Peoples talk about them, use them, promote them. It is the primary key, try to build a more authoritative website. When people talk about them, search for your Website, and share on social sites, google takes it positively. And start to suggest your Website when people search.

Finally, Don’t stop writing!

The last and very important is don’t stop writing. Write good quality content for your reader consistently. Apply all mentioned steps on content and site then see the magic of SEO.


Congratulations, we did it. After reading all ten ways to grow traffic organically, I hope now you have a template in your mind. Like, How to restructure your strategy, how to beat the competitor, and how to grow organically.

I shared all practical and proven ways that are shared by many pro marketers in webinars and case studies. I hope these will work for you as well, best of luck.

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