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Way to generate Revenue from in-App advertisement

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There is a various digital platform available, which shows advertisement of the different business. One of the most booming platforms is ‘Mobile’, also known as Mobile in-app or mobile-geofencing. The term “mobile-in-app” refers to ads that are explicitly provided through smartphone devices.

Most of the Companies are pouring more of their advertising budget into mobile because people usually spend more time with their smart-phone than with any other device. There is various In-App advertisement format available let’s discuss various In-App ad methods.

In-App Advertisement Methods

  1. Banner Ads

These types of ads are familiar to the user. Banner ads also called display advertising. These are typically small text or images which displayed at the top or the bottom of the app content.

  1. Native Ads

Native ads are typically the less instructive ad format. They are designed to match the feel and look of the app, and the offers tend to relate to the function of the app or target your interest.

  1. Interstitial Ads

Interstitial ads are also known as full-screen ads. That are images or videos show during transitions in the app. As an example, a gaming app. When you crack the particular levels in game such ads are appearing in between them.

  1. Video Ads

Video ads include promotional clips. They may be interstitial or native apps, it depending on the app. Video Ads are successful in engaging user and have strong CTR (Click-through rates).

These all are the trending methods for advertising, but among all of these methods, In-app Video ads are the most effective way of generating revenue from mobile apps. Moreover, it considers as one of the most favorable monetization techniques by the app developers. Because Users who are interested in watching the full episode of any web series will bear the ad coming in the middle. They do not want to turn it down just for the matter of few seconds which makes this idea highly effective one.

Let me show you the statistics about the industry and percentage of revenue.

  • The physical products selling covers 5% of the revenue.
  • Selling assets or plugins to the other developers covers almost 5%
  • The subscriptions cover almost 8%
  • Selling game branded merch covers 7%
  • Non-consumable in-app purchases amount to 9%
  • Selling service to other developers covers up to 7%
  • Consumable in-app purchases amount to 13%
  • The advertising ranks at the top with 24%

Here, you can find that the highest category was an advertisement for the developers to earn revenue from in-app videos.

In addition, from above mention In-app ad methods interstitial ads earn amount to an eCPM (Cost Per Mile) of $1.86 and Banner ads earn an eCPM of $0.25. In comparison with these, both methods Revenue Video ads earn an eCPM of $3.08 and with this In-App Video ads outraced other methods to generate Revenue from Mobile App.

Another way of revenue generation is In-app Purchases. There are primarily two types of in-app purchases, let’s check out how both of them works.

  1. Consumable In-App purchase

These are purchases which are generally used only for the one-time. Here we can take an example of the game credit. Users who are a game addict they keep on buying these credits for the further play of the game.

  1. Non-Consumable In-App Purchases

These type of purchase are permanent by nature. It can be like an add-on for the Mobile App. If it is a gaming app, while you unlock certain levels in Game then to unlock new levels, this level unlocks purchase is needed.

The third way to use Mobile App for Generating the Revenue

This is an efficient way to generate Revenue for Mobile App. In this strategy, there is a limit set and the users can access the app for that limited time fame only. These are generally the content-driven apps. It can be either in form of image, videos, music, news or some trading apps. These apps are bind with some access time limit. When this time limit expires and the user wants to renew their subscription then they need to pay for this.

There are various applications available for that such as Netflix, Hotstar, Amazon Prime, Tinder, and such other apps. There can also several levels of subscription like Silver, Gold, and platinum. The first level of subscription can have few features to access. The mediator level can allow accessing more features than the first level and Premium level would have access to all features of the app.


People are using their mobile phones for every task. The smartphone is created Dynamic market for IT Industry. Nowadays, Mobile App Development is growing at great pace. The mobile platform is best suitable for Advertisement and In-app ads are really helpful to generate Revenue.

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