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What are the Benefits of Mobile Apps in the Construction Industry

Mobile Apps for Construction Industry

Today, as compared to other industries, the construction industry is lacking behind in adopting the new trends in technology. The construction industry is already facing different challenges today and productivity is the major one. The studies tell that productivity advancements have been lacking in comparison with different other sectors.

Now, the industry has started realizing the capabilities of mobile apps and how mobile apps can provide several benefits to businesses. As the influence of digitization is on everyone, construction apps are praised by everyone today. Also now that almost all the construction professionals have smartphones or tablets, it is the best time to have an opportunity to improve efficiency, reduce costs and speed up project timelines with mobile applications for Android and iOS.

Mobile Apps for Construction Industry

Through mobile apps, Construction Industry has affected every possible construct process like planning, monitoring, execution, and control.  Because of this affection, mobile app development is gaining popularity. Benefits of mobile apps for the construction industry are countless but before that first, you need to understand why the development of mobile apps for the construction industry is important.

When the traditional construction software failed to solve the productivity problem, the other side the mobile apps for construction solve the issue of productivity. The study has also identified the huge gap between the volume of development of mobile apps for the construction industry. And the minimal amount of utilization of these mobile apps. Here the motto is just not to develop the mobile apps for construction industry but also to increase the utilization of these mobile apps. There are a bunch of mobile apps for different purposes in different sectors of the construction process.

Construction data

Construction apps allow real-time information to be collected and sent to the office is changing the world of the construction industry. This mobile technology is used to track record about the daily activities and critical information and streamline collaboration between teams in the field and at offices. Mobile technology can make a huge difference in the construction industry. Let’s see how and what are the shifts it can make to upgrade one step in the construction industry.

1. Time for Mobility, End of Paper processes

A survey by KPMG in 2016 said, 77% of contractors and 65% of owners use mobile technology for the promotion of the completion of construction projects. Many companies control their team at the office but those are in less amount when compared to those out in the field.  With a few finger taps, business managers can manage their construction business. Mobile apps in construction industry can play a huge role, eliminating time-consumption paper processes and improving workflow and efficiency. It can smoothly integrate into the company’s infrastructure and adjust as processes evolve into it.

2. Minimize Construction Delays

Real-time information about trades or contractors present, progress, deficiencies or incidents can minimize overall project delays. Collection in mobile forms and submitted for everyone to access right away, this information helps to bring issues to the front stage in limelight which might put projects on hold but keep the construction on schedule.

3. Real-Time Analytics

After gaining tremendous growth in the different industry, Big Data and Business Intelligence have finally met the construction industry. Where earlier reports were created at the end of the day but now with the construction apps, managers can use real-time reporting tools on their phones or any other devices. To get the updates on field problems, team performance, and project costs and estimations. This helps the manager to predict any kind of requirements for the improvements so he can take immediate actions on primary issues. On the other hand, all the team members will be having access to analytics, whether on the field or the office.

4. Field Staff accountability Improvements

GPS locations, time spent on site and travel time of staff can constantly monitor with mobile apps. This reduces labor costs and improves accountability. The costs reduce with use of the mobile timesheets which records clock-in and clock-out times to the minutes. For better transparency to management and clients, staff can also record the work progress with the photos.

5. Manage Equipment more effectively

Scheduling and maintenance of the equipment can affect the company’s bottom line. With construction apps, it is easier to track the use of equipment and manage its maintenance.

6. Communication with owners and stakeholders Improvement

Automated emails with the daily report to the project stakeholders and owners can tighten the communication gaps. When all the owners and stakeholders involve in the project have access to all the information at the real-time and at the same time, the errors are minimalizing and primary issues can get attention faster.


These were some benefits of mobile apps for construction industry. The list is still pending. Today, technology is growing in a tremendous manner. Various industries have adopted mobile technology and now its time for the construction industry to do the same. The mobile apps are able to save a lot of money and time and can improve the productivity of the team.

Mobile apps also develop to make the user’s task easier and same goes with construction apps also. They just make your business map easy. Think about it and then decide to go with whom traditional method or mobile apps.

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